Mill Bay and Mill Bay Marina

Want to make your next home on the water and spend your evenings watching the sun set over Mill Bay? If that sounds like a little slice of heaven to you, consider buying your next home in Mill Bay Marina.

This hidden treasure of the Stanch Inlet has the perfect view of Mount Baker, quick access to gulf islands, and a shuttle bus to get you anywhere you need to go in the area.

If you want to enjoy all that Mill Bay Marina has to offer, youll likely be interested in the areas new townhouse development! These state-of-the-art townhouses have the newest amenities and features you could want in a home, and they give you the chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful views in the Mill Bay area.

This tight-knit community has quite a bit to keep you busy. Rent a kayak for the day, explore one of the areas 20+ wineries, catch some fresh fish, or make your way to the Kinsol Trestle.

Ready to find your next home sweet home? I cant wait to work with you and show you everything I love about this area. Call me now at 250-710-0011 or fill out this simple contact form to reach me.