Restaurants in Duncan

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When buying a new house or moving to a new area, one is sure to wonder about the restaurants in the area, and Duncan, British Columbia provides plenty of options. From the weekly farmers’ market to the numerous restaurants of varying types and price ranges, the people of Duncan have access to plenty of good eating opportunities. Everybody likes to eat, and nobody likes being stuck with only a couple of options to pick from week after week. As such, diversity without sacrificing quality is important. Continue reading “Restaurants in Duncan”

Tips for Selling a Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper

It is time to put your property on the Duncan real estate market, but it needs a little work. Maybe you have lived at the location for many years, or perhaps it was a family heirloom. Regardless of how you came to own a fixer upper, it is time to let it go. Many homeowners fear losing money when they place their property on the market, especially if it is not in good condition or needs updates.

Some who know that their property will be sold as a fixer upper skip the hassle of staging or preparing all together, presenting the home “as is” and setting a low asking price. The reality is that many buyers are drawn to fixer uppers and, if you follow these tips, you might just be able to get a great offer on your fixer upper home.   Continue reading “Tips for Selling a Fixer Upper”

Hot Tub Maintenance

Everyone enjoys spending time and relaxing in a hot tub, but many people think that owning one is a never-ending trail of maintenance. The reality, however, is that just a few minutes of upkeep a day can keep your hot tub in excellent working order. Here are a few hot tub maintenance tips from the premier Duncan real estate company to help keep your hot tub clean and ready for use year round. Continue reading “Hot Tub Maintenance”

3 Quick Landscaping Tips for the Summer

With the warmer weather comes the desire to get outside and play. It can also be a time to get out and spend some time in your yard. A nicely landscaped yard creates beauty that surrounds your home and offers the homeowner a chance to express their individuality through their choice of plants and how those plants are arranged.

Landscaping not only adds more of an aesthetically pleasing look to your home, but it will also increase its value. The next time you are out walking in the neighbourhood or looking at real estate in Duncan, see which houses catch your eye and why. Here are 3 quick tips to help you landscape your home this summer. Continue reading “3 Quick Landscaping Tips for the Summer”

Spotlight on the Cowichan Valley School District

If you are one of the many buyers looking to purchase a home on the Cowichan Valley real estate market, learning the area is a top priority. Knowing whether or not your children have good schools available to attend can make or break your decision to purchase. You may also be a professional educator yourself, seeking employment at a welcoming institution of learning.

District 79, otherwise known as the Cowichan Valley School District, is comprised of many different elementary, secondary and alternative schools, all held to a high standard and boastful of the outstanding level of education they provide for the youth of the area. When you purchase a home through Duncan Real Estate that is located in the Cowichan Valley School District, you can be sure you are settling in an area where your children or career as an educator will thrive. Continue reading “Spotlight on the Cowichan Valley School District”

Stick With that Deal

Sometimes deals fall through. Another buyer decided that he was going to offer more; the seller picked up a case of the “greedies” and decided to keep the house on the market “just a little longer.” Any other number of things can happen to suddenly kill a deal.

Even if it seems that a house is about to sell to someone else, that doesn’t mean it is going to. Any number of things can happen between the times a deal is started and it ends that causes it to get cancelled. Sometimes all it takes for you is to hang in there until the deal falls through. You may end up getting a better deal than you originally thought.

This is much easier to do if you are looking to pick up a property as an investment as opposed to your primary home, so keep that in mind. If you don’t have the time to wait for a deal to fall through then you may need to shop elsewhere. If you do have time, then keep these tips in mind.

Continue reading “Stick With that Deal”

Holding On to Real Estate Forever, Part I

Real estate is a great way to hedge against negative factors in the economy, like inflation. It is also generally thought of as a great investment overall for people who want to make their money work for them. Does it make sense to hold onto those investments for your lifetime? There are several schools of thought on that. Let’s take a look at both sides of the issue.

Continue reading “Holding On to Real Estate Forever, Part I”

Four Home Renovations That Offer the Weakest Return on Investment

Renovating your home to add value is a fantastic idea as long as you research what upgrades matter most. Otherwise, you could be sinking money into a project that has no chance of recouping its dollar value. Worse yet, some renovations may turn off buyers altogether.

To help you make sure that you do not spend your hard-earned money on something that is simply not worth the cost, avoid these home renovations that offer the weakest return on investment:

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5 Tips for Buying Property on the Water

It is easy to fall in love with a beautiful piece of waterside property. Dream living is only a few signatures away. But buying a home on the water can be a complicated process. Thankfully, the professional real estate agents at Duncan Realtors are readily available to assist you through the location and purchase of your dream property on the water. These 5 tips for buying a home on the water will help you get a jump start on the process.

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3 Simple Updates to Improve Your Property Value, Part II

When looking to improve your property value, many owners’ first priority is often the interior. Focusing on the exterior of your house and the property itself can yield great results with increasing your property value. Many outdoor upgrades are simple to complete yourself without breaking the bank in the process. Your home will always be judged on cover alone first, and attracting more potential buyers by kicking up the curb appeal is an investment that will catch you a great return. Use these three simple ideas for improving your property value by focusing on what is outdoors when you are making your next home improvements.

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