The Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Fall

With summer winding down and the Duncan real estate market slowing, homeowners may be under the impression that they have missed their opportunity to put their home up for sale. On the contrary, fall is an excellent time to sell your house. The weather is still great and autumn activities are in full swing, bringing morale to peak levels and encouraging people to get out and shop for their next home.

Home buyers are dreaming of roasting marshmallows by a toasty fireplace or decorating their spaces with pumpkins and gourds. Fall paves the way for the holidays, and there is nothing a potential fall buyer wants more than to find their perfect home by Christmas. Here are some of the benefits of deciding to sell your home during the fall months.

Decreased Competition

One of the biggest advantages of placing your home on the market during the fall is that the competition has thinned. The summer buying peak is dwindling, leaving behind the homes that did not show well and were turned down by shoppers. Properties that have sat on the market for an extended period normally cause potential buyers to see red flags, discouraging them from touring the home and sending them in the direction of newer listings instead. This can be very beneficial for you if you decide to place your home on the autumn market.

Simple Staging

Fall provides you with the opportunity to keep your staging simple. Create a warm and welcoming space, with tones that complement the season. You can utilize some of your favorite fall decor and show off the potential that your home has as an entertainment hub. Greeting your guests with fall treats will be an added bonus: there are few things more inviting than a batch of freshly baked cookies during the cool fall months.

Eager Buyers

Many buyers who are hunting during fall are hoping to get into their dream home before the holidays. They are more likely to place an offer quickly and accept negotiations on a property that they truly love. With the decreased competition and the increased motivation from shoppers, you have the perfect formula for a quick turnaround once you have placed your home. You may even get closer to your asking price than you would during the months where buyers are taking their time.

There are many different opinions on when is the best time to sell a home. Some say summer, some say winter and some experts believe that selling during fall is the way to go. The benefits are clear, and they are waiting just around the corner for you to take advantage of this season. For more information, visit our seller’s page or contact a Duncan Real Es