Vancouver Island’s Seaside Lifestyle and Climate Encouraging Purchases of Second Homes

Thousands of tourists are journeying in droves to visit Vancouver Island during all times of the year, and many of them are buying homes to settle down. Whether they are permanently relocating, retiring or buying a vacation home, Vancouver Island has been seeing a strong growth in real estate sales from people outside the province looking for permanent “staycations.”

This steady influx of people has helped boost the prominence of Duncan real estate and other housing markets on the island.

Alberta Adventurers

Albertans are particularly enthusiastic about journeying to the island. They have been increasingly making up a larger portion of tourists each year.

Research conducted by Oraclepoll on behalf of Tourism Vancouver Island found that 68 percent of Alberta residents considered Vancouver Island an ideal place for a leisure trip — up a whole ten percent since 2013. Of those that visited in the last two years, an astounding 91 percent said that they had enjoyed their trip.

A new Air Canada route leading directly from Calgary to Nanaimo’s expanded airport will only be likely to increase the number of travelers and invite even more of them to remain permanently.

Top draws to the island include an abundance of sandy beaches, activities like go-carting and cultural opportunities like the walking tour of Duncan’s famous carved totem poles.

The service industry in the area is growing, too, as a result of the increase in residents and tourists. There are now 35 wineries throughout the island as well as unique local restaurants with strong representation from the “slow food” and “farm to table” movements.

A New Place to Call Home

Thanks to all the renewed interest in Vancouver Island, the local real estate business is booming. The president of the Vancouver Island Real Estate board, who has been a Duncan realtor himself for two decades, touts the amount of diversity available to home buyers seeking residence on the island. “Sales numbers are picking up, but there is plenty of selection,” he notes.

He and his colleagues are excited about the new flights being made available by AirCanada and WestJet, predicting they will boost sales of homes in Duncan and elsewhere on the island. As more people move here, their friends and relatives are more likely to come visit and consider buying a home of their own.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the homes for sale in Duncan as a way to stay close to the island paradise all year round, let Ian Klepsch help find the perfect property for you. Whether you want a home close to town, right by the beach or nestled high up in the hills, he can track down what you need. Visit our buyer’s page to get started.