Summer Décor Ideas

It is not too late to enjoy the last days of summer. Even as back to school approaches, the forecast is still calling for many days of beautiful weather. It is always a nice feeling when the inside of your home reflects the season outside. As one of the premier real estate agencies in Duncan, we would like to offer the following summer décor ideas to help keep your home feeling like a never ending summer.

Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers give any room a new and fresh summer look. Bring in seasonal flowers from your garden and proudly display them in multiple areas of your home. The seasonal colours are sure to brighten up any room and help show your true summer spirit. To help show off your summer flowers, think about using vases that highlight bright and bold colours. You would be amazed at what a new vase will do for your flowers and the ambience of your room.


Now that the sun is shining and the weather is warm, remove any heavy rugs or carpets and go barefoot on your floors. Use some greenery or green seat pads to help accent your beautiful hardwood floors. By removing rugs or carpets, you will open up your dining room or kitchen, and you are sure to be pleased with the contrast between green and brown.

Added Colour

Little steps like changing the colour of your throw pillows or adding coloured glass pitchers to your kitchen can also go a long way in creating that summer mood. Try a citrus colour for any throw cushions to help liven up your living room. Displaying coloured glass pitchers will instantly give your kitchen that cottage feel and add to the summer ambiance of your home.


If you really want to bring the summer feel into your house, a theme for your home will help achieve that goal. Either a nautical or beach theme will have your home screaming summer in no time. A beach theme can consist of light blues, sea foam greens and sand colours. Couple this with some shells, model sail boats and perhaps even some sand and your home is summer ready. Also, replacing any dark coloured quilts or throws or the addition of light colours or white will also give your home a fresh summer feel.


Finally, with those long summer days and beautiful warm weather, nothing says summer like moving the living outdoors. Take your home outside. Dine, cook and even relax outside as much as possible. Set the table and the mood with lanterns or candles and enjoy your dinners outside of the remainder of the summer season.

By following these simple summer décor ideas, you can hold on to this beautiful weather for weeks to come. Even as the weather changes, your home décor doesn’t have to. You can have summer year round in your home if you so choose!