Tips for Selling a Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper

It is time to put your property on the Duncan real estate market, but it needs a little work. Maybe you have lived at the location for many years, or perhaps it was a family heirloom. Regardless of how you came to own a fixer upper, it is time to let it go. Many homeowners fear losing money when they place their property on the market, especially if it is not in good condition or needs updates.

Some who know that their property will be sold as a fixer upper skip the hassle of staging or preparing all together, presenting the home “as is” and setting a low asking price. The reality is that many buyers are drawn to fixer uppers and, if you follow these tips, you might just be able to get a great offer on your fixer upper home.   Continue reading “Tips for Selling a Fixer Upper”

Hot Tub Maintenance

Everyone enjoys spending time and relaxing in a hot tub, but many people think that owning one is a never-ending trail of maintenance. The reality, however, is that just a few minutes of upkeep a day can keep your hot tub in excellent working order. Here are a few hot tub maintenance tips from the premier Duncan real estate company to help keep your hot tub clean and ready for use year round. Continue reading “Hot Tub Maintenance”

Gas vs. Charcoal BBQ

The summer season is in full swing. With warmer temperatures and longer days, now is the time to move your entertainment outside onto those decks and patios and break out the BBQ. For some reason, everything tastes better grilled. With so many makes and models to choose from however, the process of finding the model of BBQ that best suits your needs may be a bit overwhelming. One of the age old debates is gas versus charcoal, and you will, at some point, need to make a decision. Here is a brief overview that explores both the pros and cons of each. Continue reading “Gas vs. Charcoal BBQ”

3 Quick Landscaping Tips for the Summer

With the warmer weather comes the desire to get outside and play. It can also be a time to get out and spend some time in your yard. A nicely landscaped yard creates beauty that surrounds your home and offers the homeowner a chance to express their individuality through their choice of plants and how those plants are arranged.

Landscaping not only adds more of an aesthetically pleasing look to your home, but it will also increase its value. The next time you are out walking in the neighbourhood or looking at real estate in Duncan, see which houses catch your eye and why. Here are 3 quick tips to help you landscape your home this summer. Continue reading “3 Quick Landscaping Tips for the Summer”

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Home

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new home. Whether it’s your first home or one of many, having a new place to call your own is a great feeling. Before you put in all the research and work and sign the final papers, you are going to need to make some difficult choices. Here are some important things to keep in mind while the search is going on, and before you sign on the dotted line for your new home. Continue reading “Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Home”

Home Buying Tips

So you are looking for a new home, and you really need some advice on how to go about it. Whether you are a first time buyer or someone who’s owned several homes in your lifetime, there are some things that you should remember when you are getting ready to buy a home. Let’s take a look at some of them. Continue reading “Home Buying Tips”

Purchasing a Home with a Friend

Paying rent is money lost, while owning real estate is an investment. If you have been living with a roommate or a friend and have been for some time, it might make sense to both of you to stop losing money by paying rent and begin your real estate investment. While it is a great idea, there are some things that you should think about before you entire into a mortgage with your friend or friends. Continue reading “Purchasing a Home with a Friend”

Saving Tips for Landscaping

With spring finally here, nothing should stop you from getting outside and enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. Now is the time to get that head start on any landscaping you have been planning on doing. In the Duncan real estate market, a nicely manicured home that has been properly landscaped is very appealing for buyers and will quite often see a better return than a home that has not been landscaped. Here are some quick tips to help save you money while you are landscaping your home. Continue reading “Saving Tips for Landscaping”

5 Tips for Selling Your Duncan Real Estate

It is no secret: buyers love Duncan. The convenience of being near many great towns coupled with excellent outdoor recreation and top quality schools make the area a magnet for first time and repeat buyers who want the very best that Vancouver has to offer.

As an owner of a piece of Duncan real estate, selling can be a very profitable choice that gives you great opportunities for your own home owning journey. If you are considering placing your home on the market this season, use these tips to sell quickly and make a great profit. Continue reading “5 Tips for Selling Your Duncan Real Estate”

Budgeting Secrets for First Time Homebuyer

Deciding that it is time to buy your first home is very exciting. After the choice is made, buyers often feel anxiety over having all their finances in order. The nerves begin to settle in and your excitement turns to fear. Can you afford to be a homeowner?

It is highly recommended that people seeking to purchase their first home review their financial situation and get preapproved for a loan amount before they even begin viewing houses. Creating a home buying budget that is comprised of all of the new financial burdens you will be taking on is an excellent way to prepare to be a homeowner. These budgeting secrets will set you on the path for becoming a successful first time homebuyer. Continue reading “Budgeting Secrets for First Time Homebuyer”