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Vancouver Island, home to British Columbia’s capital Victoria, is an incredible place to live, frequently appearing on ‘best of’ lists. With stunning scenery and a raft of outdoor activities on offer, locals are never short of something to do. On the island, you will find mountains, lakes, forests and beaches — all of which are beautiful. For anyone who enjoys exploring the great outdoors, you can hike, bike, kayak, canoe and surf your way around.

The island’s main population centres include Victoria, Nanaimo and Port Alberni, but there are many smaller municipalities such as Duncan or Cowichan. The southern end is the most densely populated area, and that is where you will find the widest range of amenities and leisure facilities.

In cities such as Victoria and Nanaimo, you will have access to all the restaurants, bars and other entertainment options you could wish for. While all parts of the island offer elementary and high school options, you will find further education institutions, too, including the University of Victoria and Vancouver Island University.

The Vancouver Island real estate market also offers plenty of options. If you are looking for larger plots of land, those are most often found in the northern part of the island. In the more populous south, you will find condos for a more affordable option as well as single-family homes.

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